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Casey did a wonderful job of assessing my issues and providing appropriate exercises and treatments. I have now been able to resume all of my previous activities.
January 13, 2023
August 15, 2021
The doctors helped me overcome a strain in my right glute muscle that was extremely painful.

It was a very satisfying experience.

I would recommend this facility to anyone of need of therapy
January 18, 2020
Dr. Nic Henderson and his team in Mission Viejo took so good care of my surgically repaired shoulder. I especially appreciated their emphasis on personal attention and hands on therapy versus simply relying on machine equipment. I gained back 95% of my motion and my strength continues to increase through the ongoing exercises they prescribed.
Thanks so much!
August 6, 2018
Nic, the owner and CEO is THE BEST in the entire industry and his staff are the most professional. Knowledgeable and highly trained staff. They are the most caring rehabilitation professionals in the busines. I am so grateful that they are right here in Southern California. Such a friendly, professional and talented group they are. I feel so welcome ever visit and I leave feeling so much better and so much improved every single appointment!
I highly recommend California Rehabiliatation and Therapy to anyone suffering with joint and muscular pains!
October 18, 2017
October 18, 2017
I highly recommend this place they make sure you get results! The P/T that l had, Nick who also happens to be the owner, was very knowledgable & professional along with a great personality to go with it
August 1, 2016
Professional, polite, and proactive! I recently wrapped up an intensive rehabilitation for an elbow injury and I attribute my recovery mostly (I did a little myself) to the Mission Viejo office of California Rehab & Sports Therapy. The staff make you feel more like family than a patient and their approach to your healing process is their priority. From the initial session, I was informed how the injury occurred, the methods they would use to place me back at full potential, and how I could prevent the injury from reoccurring. I cannot thank Dr. Nic and staff enough for helping me get back on the golf course! Not to brag, but I am pretty sure they helped me gain 25 yards on my drive.
May 10, 2016


I came here after knee surgery and they really helped me get strength and mobility back in my leg. Everyone is really friendly and super knowledgeable. If I ever have another knee surgery (I hope not) I will definitely be coming back here.

Matt R. 1/10/2014

Their team is very friendly and personable. They are very attentive and listen to your concerns. With high standards of cleanliness and effective exercises I would most definitely recommend this facility to a friend. Thanks Nic for getting my mobility back in my shoulder and Debbie for helping me maintain proper form. 🙂

Ben P. 4/18/2013

I have been to too many physical therapy clinics to count over the past 2 years, with no results, and worsened condition (I'm a work comp patient so I've been to some real slums), due to detrimental treatment. I haven't bothered to YELP about the bad ones, but California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy gets 5 stars from me. (I'm stingy with stars on YELP - they must be earned.)

I started treating with Linda, who is a certified hand specialist at California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy, after my right side cubital and carpal tunnel release surgery. Linda knows her stuff and was phenomenal. After my left hand release surgeries I began treatment with Nic, simply because Linda's availability didn't always fit my schedule. Although Nic is not a "certified" hand specialist, and I was hesitant to go to someone without multiple credentials for my specific injuries, he is by far the best physical therapist I've seen. He takes the time to focus on problems as they arise and is able to think outside of the box and come up with strategies to effectively treat symptoms. Part of PT is intuitive, and Nic has that gift that makes him a talented therapist. I credit him personally, (equal to my brilliant hand surgeon), with my vast and continued improvement. I recommend this facility without hesitation, and Nic in particular, to anyone.

I've spent months and many hours at California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy, having 4 separate injuries worked on. The facility is clean, open, and I've seen lots of patients with all sorts of injuries (necks, backs, knees, hands, you name it) come in frowning like myself and walk out the door looking relieved after treatment. The staff and interns genuinely care about their patients. Many days when it was hard for me to get out of bed and drag myself into PT (because injuries and recovery is a slow and painful process), my spirits were immediately lifted by Allie's smile and warmth when she greeted me walking in the door; Judi's assistance and extra care taken to make sure I was comfortable; Aaron the intern's fascination with truly learning about my injuries from mechanism to proper treatment modalities; and, the commradery among the staff. It was impossible to remain in a foul mood when I walked in their door, even on days when I was "on the edge" and just wanted to stay in bed.

Therapy is hard work, and like a good personal trainer, the team at California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy pushed me to do the hard work and it continues to pay off. They made sure to teach me proper form and stretches and exercises for home, and even made suggestions for how to perform simple activities of daily life differently to prevent injury and continue building my strength. This place has truly improved the quality of my life. Don't hesitate to go. Good luck with your injuries!!

Leah B. 3/18/2013

This is the 10th time I have had to go through physical therapy. I re-injured my shoulder, was in a lot of pain, and my ortho recommended California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy.

My experience at California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy was much better and more successful than I have ever experienced in the past. The entire staff was extremely professional and helpful. I worked primarily with Nic and he put me through the Sports Recovery program for my shoulder. It worked great! I really appreciated the hands on guidance throughout the exercises so I could remember how to do them at home. My shoulder is pretty much 100% thanks to Nic and his staff!!!

Hopefully I won't have to, but if I ever need any kind of physical therapy again in the future, you can be sure that California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy will be the place I insist upon.

John N. 8/22/2012